i'm a daughter and a sister and a friend and A girlfriend — and, most importantly — i'd like to be the best of each.


My most notable accolades include: numerous workplace trophies, one good tweet, "Best Daughter Award" from my mom (recounts happening for dad's vote), proud owner of raving reviews from strangers, 2-time winner of "Most Likely to be on SNL" award, 3-time wedding reception MC, professional interviewer, writer, and last but certainly most damaging to the ego — the recipient of the worst comment from a Thailand tour guide, "yes, those pants are okay for temple because they are not sexy at all." 

Hi. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'll use it to share stories, things, and thoughts to think about. Thanks for coming. I hope you enjoy your stay. Rate me on Yelp if a) it's a good review and b) you can figure out how.