Huh. You clicked a thing that said "do something." That's confusing. Guess I'll make it worth it — here are some things you could do.

buy me a drink

No, this is not me confessing to alcoholism. Yes, this is me telling you that if you truly are the saint that you seem to be, you can  buy me coffee once a month for $3. I love creating things, but your girl has a full time job that makes writing work. This is awesome, but can strip away the motivation to make things for both you and me in my free time. This simple act of kindness will give me the boost I need to keep the words flowing for ya. 


Be a good person

Okay? Okay.

Join my newsletter

Between the bajillion social platforms, it's easy to miss things from the people we want to hear from most. In an effort to cut through the noise, I created an email newsletter. To my surprise, a few hundred people have invited me directly into their inboxes, and wow, I don't take that honor lightly. If you'll let me, I promise to respectfully pop into your inbox. I do tend to show up unannounced, but I'll always bring wine.


Make me smile. a lot. like the kind that's so big, it hurts.

Have you ever shared something you made with other people, then they loved it so much, they shared it with other people? Even people who didn't know you at all? Knowing that you liked something I made enough to recommend someone else spend their time with it.. it's just. Man. That is the best feeling you can give a creative person. So, I come to you humbly and ask that if you find something on my little corner of the internet that you want to share with your friends or family, please do. It would mean the world. And tag me when you do (@thetarynarnold on instagram and twitter) — I'd love to squeeze a little baby tear out in gratitude for you.