hello. it's 2019 me — the daily taryn #1

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aaaaand she's back.

Oh my gosh. Hi! Happy new year! Happy January. Happy 2019. Happy 1st. Happy NIGHT ONE of The Daily Taryn part 2. 

For those who joined us last year, hi - I'm in love with you. Welcome home. 

For those joining for the first time on this go around, holy shit, hi. Thank you for joining. If you have no idea what you signed up for or why you're here, I have answers. You can learn everything you need to know about this newsletter from this little post here

Tonight will be quick for 3 reasons. 
1) It's the new year, and I hope to god you're still celebrating with people you love and not reading your emails.
2) I'm watching Dirty John and am basically not breathing. I hate scary, but somehow Kristina and I have watched EVERY EPISODE (all 6) straight today. I am... ill. But obsessed. I'm multitasking so I don't have to fully pay attention — it's not entirely working, because the soundtracks to these shows are scary as hell and Kristina holding her head and trying to watch between the cracks in her fingers is scary enough.
3) I've got a lot to share tomorrow. I'll be sharing my process for doing a 2018 recap, then walk you through how I turn my learnings into new year resolutions. 

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