i feel bad for sunday — the daily taryn #6

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I feel very, very bad for Sunday. Actually, Monday too. They're just days, but people make them feel like they're half days. Cheap days. The days at the bottom of the barrel. First, you get the "sunday scaries" where you sadly run errands and sadly clean your house and sadly get ready for Monday. Then, you get the "monday blues" where you sadly work and sadly work out and sadly talk about your weekend as if years have passed since the freedom of your Saturday.

If Sundays and Mondays could feel (which, who knows?), I bet they'd be sad. They'd probably feel like parking cops, just doing their job but getting all the wrath of illegally parked drivers. They'd probably feel like pigeons, just trying to enjoy the pretty cities but listening to the world tell them they're disgusting and weird and made for they streets. They'd probably feel like a comedian bombing their set. A cop breaking up a barely-too-loud party. A principal addressing a bully. 

Sundays and Mondays are just trying to do their job. Let's be nicer to them. Let's thank them for what they are. Days to reflect on our weekends. Days to kickstart our weeks. Days to knock the hard things out so the easy things are all that's left. 

If you really think about it, Monday is your pre-weekend. I know, it's a stretch. 

Hope you had a lovely, not scary Sunday. And I really hope you have a dope Monday. Thank it for coming. How lucky are we to get another one?

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