i hate my tongue — the daily taryn #5

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You know what? I hate my tongue. Is that a weird thing to hate? So be it. I hate mine.

I mean, it works. It can taste stuff and it fits in my mouth and it does all the right things, but I hate how it looks. It's not smooth like all the cool kids tongues — it's got some cracks and lines and not-normal-tongue traits. 

I always took myself to be a big "stick out your tongue in pictures" kinda gal — the cool type that's too cool to smile, so they throw their tongue out for added flare. I get the urge to do it often, but I only actually go through with it about 1/15 times. I'm just so annoyed by how it will look or what people will think. Possibly the funniest part about it all is that no one has ever said anything about it unless I've proactively brought it up — they likely haven't noticed, and I've just made it worse than it is. But for those that have noticed, thanks for.. holding your tongue ;)

It's pretty funny, huh? How I can dislike something so much about myself that it becomes 10x bigger than it really is. It becomes something that I'm certain others know about. Something people must hate too, I think. 

But. Nope. I'm doing that. I'm causing it to be a problem. I'm causing it to be big. I'm creating unnecessary meaning, and unnecessary suffering for myself. About my TONGUE. A thing that doesn't even sit outside for all to see — it only sees the daylight when I choose to let it. It kinda makes me feel sad for my poor little tongue, actually. Poor guy just wants to stay behind the scenes and do a fine job for me (which it does). If my tongue is reading this, thanks. I really do love you. 

I'm going to be nicer to my tongue, and in turn, myself. What body part, personality trait, or quirk about yourself could you be a bit nicer to? I'm sure there's something, and I'm sure they'd appreciate the break. 

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