friday? wow, this thing really is daily — the daily taryn #4

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It's 8:11pm and omg, I'm having a nice day. I marched through a massive to-do list at work, knocked out 7 meetings (including a 4pm brainstorm featuring cocktails and wine), and found some time to get flowers for Kris (yes, these are sorry flowers for my assholery from TDT #2). 

Now we're sitting in bed with acne stickers (idk, something sephora had that supposedly clears trouble spots) sharing an expensive bottle of wine, about to get rocked by watching Beautiful Boy and snacking on postmated vegan ice cream. Yes, I'm fully aware of how ridiculous this sounds. 

I hope you're enjoying your night, or morning for those that are in other countries. I hope it's cozy and kind and filled with the ones you love. 

We're 4 days in and I'm already so damn inspired, I can't wait to keep going with The Daily Taryn. I'm taking a few hours tomorrow to get my website all set up with the goods to make it easier to share with others and link to past days notes. I'll also keep marching through my responses to your emails, which, thank GOD for you and the kind things and wild stories you're sharing. I can't believe the beauty of the people reading these every day. It makes me want to start a little community so you can all meet each other. 

Go enjoy your Friday and stop reading emails... or respond if you'd like to :) Any feedback -- these are hard to read or too short or too long or too EVERYTHING -- is much appreciated. Oh, and for those asking, my favorite show is Friday Night Lights. Even if you're not a football fan — watch 3 episodes and tell me you're not hooked. I dare you. 

(I just read this out loud to Kristina before sending and she says, "that's good! how long until Postmates gets here?")

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