the most romantic thing in the world

I've been giddy the last few days. 

It’s weird. It’s not because of circumstance. Nothing has changed, really. I just feel like I’m walking around with rose-colored glasses. 

The best word I can use to describe what’s making me giddy is the feeling of romance. I’m feeling romance in everything. I know it sounds cheesy, but hang tight.

Romance (noun)

A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

I’m drunk on the romance that comes with fate. Chance. Not knowing if something is the right time, right place, or if it’s been meant to be since before you were born. 

It’s so mysterious and exciting and weird to think about all the little things in life that came to be.

The single most romantic thing in the world is that fact thE you met your most important people. 

Think about your most important people. Your family. Your best friend since 5th grade, or the one since last year. The ones who broke you heart and the ones who you might marry. The coworkers who are somehow more your best friends than your best friends. Your dog who you can't imagine life without. That bitch who hurt you so bad, you changed your course. 

Those people. Good important and bad important, which is all good important, I think. 

Now. According to the first link I clicked on, there are currently 7,721,613,916 people in the world. That means of all the people you could’ve met, you had a one-in-7B+ chance of meeting those people. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 9.39.21 AM.png

Think about the moment you met them. Here's how I’ve met some of my most important people: 

• They were dating the boy I had a crush on in 7th grade

• We ran into each other in the dorms when I was randomly walking through a dorm I didn’t live in

• Their parents raised them Christian when mine did not but I somehow became their youth group leader (wtf?)

• Their parents chose to have kids at the same time as mine did, raise them in southern California next to where my parents did, chose a certain set of schools over another like my parents did, and happened to have some common interest that brought us together

• They went to the same extremely small concert at a dive bar that I almost didn’t go to and came up to me after I was randomly asked to play cowbell for some audience participation  

• They wanted a new job so they searched the right things and landed on the job description for the company I worked for, which happened to need a person with those exact skill sets and had the right comp and right timing and right everything, and the only reason I worked there was because my friends took a chance on a company that had 0 employees and worked really hard so that we’d make enough money to get to 200 employees and post job descriptions to hire more

Okay. Weird, yes. But it's 1593827x weirder to think about every little perfect decision and right timing and left turn instead of right turn and parents choice and grandparents choice and the right people meeting forever and ever and not dying in a car crash or from choking on steak or a bug bite SO THAT this exact chain of events kept happening and you could meet those people at that time.

The people who you cannot imagine your life without, brought to you by __________. Something. Fate. Destiny. Complete chance. I don’t care what you call it, I just care that you take a second to celebrate how weird it all is. How sweet it all is. 

How romantic it all is. 

Cool. Well. I don’t expect your life to change because of this. That’d be great, but I don’t. These probably aren’t new thoughts or the most groundbreaking words you’ve ever read. 

But I really do hope this changes the way you see  your most important people. That you say the things you really want to say, because it all lined up for you to. That you thank them in your heart, or with your words or actions or a gift or a hug. That, when you’re with them, you really feel being with them in your heart. The magic and mystery and absolute fucking romance that you found each other at all. 

Since I started writing this post about 22 minutes ago, 

• 5,400 babies were born. 

• 3, 365 people ended their journey.

• And you should close this and go love on your people while you’ve got them.